Lecture Series
The New York City Lecture Series in Church History offers an in-depth discussion of consecutive periods in the life of Christendom each year from September through May.
The Roman Forum Lectures in Church History 2010–2011

Division, Despair & the Torturous Road to Recovery

From the Western Schism to the Fall of Constantinople


Lecturer: John C. Rao
(D. Phil., Oxford)
Associate Professor of History, St. John’s University
Date & Time: All sessions will meet on
Sundays, at 2:30 p.m.
(See schedule below for specific dates of lectures.)
Location: Church Hall
University Church of St. Joseph
371 Sixth Avenue
New York, N.Y.

The entrance to the Church Hall is on Washington Place, south of Waverly Place.

Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, V to West 4th Street.

Wheelchair accessible.

September 19

Sorrows, Anxieties, and Hopes of the 1370s

October 3

Urban VI & the Onset of the Schism

October 17

A Tale of Two Papacies

October 24

Via Facti, Via Conventionis, Via Concessionis

Including a talk by Professor John M├ędaille (University of Dallas) on his new book, Toward a Truly Free Market.

November 7

From the Triple Papacy to the Council of Constance

November 21

Martin V & the Troubled Return to Rome

December 5

Special Lecture: Dr. David Allen White

Charles Dickens & the Evils of Modernity (click here for details)

December 19

Two Roads to Recovery, High and Low

January 16

Nominalism Triumphant?

January 30

Heresy Unleashed?

February 13

The Complex Hussite Movement

February 27

The Growing Pains of Renaissance Humanism

March 20

Humanism, Politics, Education, and the Papal Court

April 3

Devotio Moderna & Catholic Spiritual Life

April 17

The Renaissance: Enrichment & Second Childhood

May 1

The Turkish Threat & Byzantine Dilemmas

May 15

Crusade, Reunion, and the Council of Ferrara-Florence

June 5

The Fall of Constantinople

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