The Roman Forum Greece Tour

An Introduction to
the Hellenic World

The Roman Forum has been asked by a number of friends attending the Summer Symposium from June 29th through July 10th, 2015 to organize an eleven-day “introductory tour” of the Greek world preceding the gathering in Gardone Riviera. Fr. Richard Munkelt and Dr. John Rao will be the tour guides. There is space for twelve more participants. Anyone interested in taking part should contact the Forum at the above address/email by January 15th, 2015.

At the moment, the planned date of departure is June 14th, arriving the next morning in Athens. After four nights in Athens (from which we will be visiting Delphi and other surrounding sites of importance), we will tour Epidaurus, Mycenae, Sparta/Mystra, and Monemvasia by means of private vans. From Monemvasia we will travel north by boat, staying a night on the island of Hydra, passing Salamis to spend one last evening in the Athens area. Participants may leave for home from Athens on June 26th, but those taking part in the Summer Symposium will fly to Venice. Tour guests attending the Summer Symposium will remain two nights in Venice, proceeding to Gardone on June 28th.

There will be one lecture each day, either by Fr. Munkelt or Dr. Rao, dealing with Greek History and Culture, as well as Early and Byzantine Christian Civilization.

Exact cost is not yet known. Nevertheless, the following sketch is close to accurate, amounting to c. $2,300 (possibly less).

1. Accommodation in double rooms at three star hotels with private bath: c. $50-$90 per person (11 nights, c. $770). Singles extra.
2. Meals: c. $50 for large meal and drinks (11 nights, c. $550)
3. Transport in Van: c. $250 per person
4. Transport in Ferry: c. $150 per person
5. Museum Entrance Fees: c. $200 per person
6. Cost of Guides: to be divided by participants

NB: Participants’ travel costs to and from Greece are not included.

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