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Introductory Seminar on Catholic Social Doctrine

Its Truth & Implementation; Its Friends & Its Enemies

12 participants only; $150 for nine sessions.

Send all applications or Dr. John Rao, 11 Carmine St. 2C, New York, NY 10014

Although present in germ from apostolic times, Catholic political and social doctrine really emerged as a systematic body of thought together with the nineteenth century reaction to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. It is regularly dismissed by our contemporaries — believers prominent among them — as everything from utopian and futile to theocratic and dangerous in character.

But as the global pluralist order continues its attack on man’s true social and individual nature — and thereby commits itself more fully to its own self-destruction — Catholic political and social doctrine will clearly be seen for what it really is: not only supernaturally true, but the sole rational and practical hope for modern man as well.

Its supernatural and rational truth, the historical and current problems of its implementation, the character of valuable “fellow travelers” with whom it might work, and the nature of its enemies — many of whom all too often pose as friends — are the subject of this introductory seminar: the first of a two part seminar to be continued in the winter-spring of 2016 under the direction of Dr. John C. Rao.

Our Lady of Pompeii Rectory
25 Carmine St., NYC
6:30-8:00 P.M.

Fall Program

September 8

Scriptures, the Fathers, and the Doctrine of the Mystical Body

September 22

Correction and Transformation of the Social Order in Christ: The Call to ”Catholic Action” from Late Fourth-Century Rome to the Reign of Pope Innocent III

October 6

The Counterattack of the “Grand Coalition of the Status Quo”

October 20

The Nineteenth Century Rediscovery of the Mystical Body of Christ and the Renewed Call to Catholic Social Action

November 3

The Growing Pains of the “Ninth Crusade”

November 17

Culture Wars of the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Germany, Italy, France, and the Low Countries

December 1

Catholic Parties, Catholic Unions, Catholic Lobbies: Their Successes and their Discontents

December 15

Competitive Liberation Theologies: The Marxist, Fascist, and Personalist Temptation

December 29

Competitive Liberation Theologies: Americanism, Pluralism, Libertarianism, and the Neuhaus-Novak-Weigel-Sirico Network

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